About Andy

My interest in clothing came from my father who even in the middle of Kansas wanted to know the latest fashion.

Degrees in Sociology and Journalism from Kansas State University were the foundation for a diverse professional career.

Serving corporate America, I developed a strong sense of how fashion influences others.

I put my fashion hobby to the test working part time at a Polo/Ralph Lauren store, and filled an educational need by producing handouts for customers on all aspects of men’s clothing.

I was consistently the number one salesman, and I only worked part time!

I have written for ModernMan.com, AMansLife.com, Men’s Health, Greg Norman’s website Shark.com, and have been published in Money, Forbes, and GQ Magazines, Classic Style Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

One of my travel photographs was published by the Los Angeles Times, where you’ll also see an occasional letter to the editor!

I reside in Southern California.

Andy's TV Show About Men's Fashion

Men's fashion and etiquette guru Andy Gilchrist critiques men's fashions, gives suggestions and puts many men on the spot about their wardrobe selections.

Andy with the crew of the What To Wear TV show from Wealth TV​

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